CDA Family Child Care: Observing and Recording Children's Behavior (self-paced online training)

CDA Family Child Care: Observing and Recording Children's Behavior - $57 (V I P pricing $51)

This training is a formal early childhood education training, equivalent to 12 hours of the CDA Subject Area: Observing and recording children’s behavior. Observations and assessments play a critical role in shaping the curriculum for each child. In this training, students will cover the following topics:
1. Observations and assessments of children aged from birth to 5 years
2. Methods for objectively observing children
3. Development of goals using results from observations
4. Understanding inclusionary practices such as the ADA, IFSPs, and IEPs
5. Environmental and equipment modifications for children with special needs

Objectives / Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this training, the learner will be able to:
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the ADA
  2. Demonstrate understanding of observational and assessment techniques to track skill development and individual need
  3. Identify the benefits of Observation and Assessment
  4. Identify methods of assessments
  5. Demonstrate an understanding of observational techniques that result in accurate and objective observation
  6. Demonstrate an understanding of translating assessment and observational information into short and long term goal development
  7. Demonstrate understanding of inclusionary practices
  8. Demonstrate an understanding of the ADA
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of how to implement an Individual Family Support Plan
  10. Identify resources for referral and specialized services
  11. Demonstrate an understanding of how environment and equipment modifications support individual needs
  12. Demonstrate an understanding of typical and atypical development
  13. Identify strategies for working with children with special needs
  14. Demonstrate an understanding of how to implement an Individual Education Plan
  15. Give examples of resources and referrals for infants and toddlers and children with a suspect/diagnosed disability
  16. Demonstrate understanding of research theoretical and legal foundations for special programs.
  17. Identify the types of barriers children's with disabilities/special needs face and ways to adapt curriculum to fit those needs.
  18. Demonstrates understanding of the ADA and how it applies to family child care homes
  19. Demonstrates knowledge of how setting up the environment can impact on accessibility for all children
  20. Demonstrate understanding of inclusionary practices
  21. Identify Strategies for Working with Students with Special Needs
Learning Methodology: Online material will be presented in the form of slides, accompanied with speech. Videos will be used to demonstrate ideas and concepts. Charts and tables will be used for illustration.

Assessment: Learners will be assessed through questions after every section is completed. Learners will not be allowed to proceed to the next section of the training until all questions have been answered correctly. Learners will be presented with a final test composed of true/false and multiple choice questions. Upon successful completion of the training, learners will receive their certificate by email.

Core of Knowledge Awarded:
To be awarded the core of knowledge hours, learners must pay in full for the class, view all material, pass all review questions, and final test.
Support Services:
Please visit our contact us page
Payment Policy:
Payments need to be made in full. No refunds will be issued after starting the class.
Please read carefully:

You are purchasing a session of an online training that includes online assessments. Your certificate will be emailed to you once you pass the final exam with a passing grade of 80%.

Your certificate will bear the name you provided to us when you signed up. To successfully complete this online training, you need a computer with internet connection running Google Chrome web browser. You will also need speakers or headphones to hear the videos and speech accompanied with the content. For support and questions regarding the material presented in this class please contact us at Please consult our frequently asked questions page for other questions or feel free to contact us.

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2 CUR/6 SN/4 PRO

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Special needs

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