30 Hour Texas Director Annual IN ZOOM Classroom - 04/23/2024 - #4626

30 Hour Texas Director Annual - $99

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Course description:

**This is a BLENDED training with online and instructor-led components**

This course is designed for directors working in a licensed child care facility or a Primary Caregiver of a licensed child care home in Texas. This course fulfills the annual 30 hour training requirement including:

  • Required training topics:

    • Child Growth and Development 

    • Responsive Interactions and Guidance 

    • Learning Environments, Planning Framework, Curriculum, and Standards 

    • Supporting Skill Development

    • Diversity and Dual Language Learners 

    • Family and Community Relationships 

    • Health, Safety, and Nutrition 

    • Professionalism and Ethics

    • Establishing and Maintaining an Effective Organization

    • Business and Operations Management 

    • Human Resource Leadership and Development 

  • Requirements necessary to provide care for children of all ages, including those younger than 24 months of age

  • Instructor-led training requirement

Course format:

  • Online training: 24 hours of online self-paced training. 

  • Instructor-led training: Two 3 hour instructor-led sessions using the Zoom platform totaling 6 hours. Instructor-led trainings could include any of the topic areas listed above. Please read the class notes for each session to choose your preferred training topics.

Upon registration, you may immediately access the online portion of your training.

Primary Teacher:
Laura Beni
Secondary Teacher:
Colleen Hinson

Session Info:
Location Start End
140 - Zoom 3Apr/23/2024 06:30 pm ESTApr/23/2024 09:45 pm EST
140 - Zoom 3Apr/25/2024 06:30 pm ESTApr/25/2024 09:45 pm EST
$99 non-refundable
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Start date:
End date:
Time: 6:30PM-9:45PM

Calling all childcare superstars! Get ready to dive into your ChildCareEd courses with some Zoom adventures. Here's the lowdown on how to join the party:

Zooming Like a Pro:
Lights, Camera, Action! Be a shining star (virtually, of course) by keeping your camera on and your microphone ready. We need to see your smiling face so we can all connect and learn together. We want to hear your bright ideas and amazing questions! Just remember to mute your mic when you're not talking – we don't want any background concert performances.

Tech Tools for Success:
Grab your trusty laptop or desktop computer with Google Chrome installed. It's like your virtual spaceship for knowledge exploration! Make sure your camera, microphone, and speakers are all working perfectly for a smooth ride (Think of them as your mission control!).

Need a Tech Fix?
Don't worry, space cadets! If you run into any technical troubles, our amazing support team is here to save the day. Just text or call (301)237-1414 30 minutes before class or 15 minutes after.

Just a Few More Details:
We need a minimum of 6 awesome crewmates for the class to launch! If not enough people sign up, you'll get some awesome alternative options.
Remember, missed classes are non-refundable, so buckle up and get ready to learn!

See you soon, childcare superstars!
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