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Winter Weather and Indoor Air Quality Tips

image in article Winter Weather and Indoor Air Quality Tips For many of us, wintertime means cold, snowy weather.  Before sending the children in your care outside, you’ll want to review our tips for ensuring their safety.  In cold weather:

  • Children should wear layers of loose-fitting, lightweight clothing. Outer garments such as coats should be tightly woven, and be at least water repellent when precipitation is present, such as rain or snow;
  • Children should wear a hat, coat, and gloves/mittens kept snug at the wrist;
  • Caregivers/teachers should check children’s extremities for maintenance of normal color and warmth at least every fifteen minutes.

More information in Standard Playing Outdoors.

Don’t live in a cold climate, or have days when it’s unsuitable to have children go outdoors? Everyone benefits from a quick check of air filters! Filters in forced-air heating and cooling system equipment should be checked and cleaned or replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions on a regular basis, at least every three months (and more often if necessary). (Standard Maintenance of Air Filters).

Stay safe, healthy, and happy!

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