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Why do I need a CDA Credential?

image in article Why do I need a CDA Credential?Why do I need a CDA Credential?

Getting your Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential is valuable and opens doors to new opportunities in early childhood education.  Some benefits include: 

  • Increased job opportunities 
  • Increased pay 
  • Professional recognition 
  • Increased Confidence

Try ChildCareEd’s online CDA subscription for $99 a year and get access to unlimited childcare courses along with your CDA requirements. 

What do I need to apply for the CDA?

The following is a list of prerequisites to apply for the CDA:

  1. Obtain a high school diploma, GED, or an official document certifying that you are a high school junior or senior currently enrolled in an early childhood education program.
  2. Purchase the CDA Competency Standards from the CDA Council, either online here or by phone at 1(800)424-4310. Please make sure the buy the appropriate book--infants and toddlers, preschool, family childcare, or home visitor--that best suits your needs.
  3. Complete 120 hours of formal early childhood education training that goes over child development in the age group you are pursuing your credential in, as well as a minimum of 10 hours each in the eight CDA subject areas.

Prepare for a career in childcare with our online CDA training courses. You'll gain the skills you need to support the development of the children in your care.

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