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The Vital Importance of Funding Early Childhood Education


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The Vital Importance of Funding Early Childhood Education

It's a tragic missed opportunity when society fails to invest properly in early childhood education. The early years of a child's life, from birth through age 5, are the most critical period for brain development. During these pivotal years, children have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build the cognitive, social, behavioral, and emotional skills they will need for success in school and in life.

Decades of research have proven that high-quality early childhood programs pay tremendous dividends down the road.

  • Children who receive quality early education are more likely to do well in elementary school, have higher test scores, better social skills, improved health outcomes, higher rates of workforce participation as adults, and lower rates of crime and incarceration. One well-known longitudinal study found an annual return as high as 13% per year for every dollar invested in quality preschool programs for disadvantaged children.

Despite the proven benefits, the United States has historically underinvested in early childhood education compared to other developed nations.

  • Many families, especially those with low incomes, lack access to affordable, high-quality child care and preschool programs. According to estimates, over half of 3- and 4-year-old children in the U.S. do not attend preschool.

Funding high-quality, universally accessible preschool for all children should be one of the highest priorities for federal, state, and local governments.

  • The investments pay for themselves many times over through
    • increased individual earning potential, reduced societal costs for healthcare and criminal justice, and a better-educated workforce to power economic growth.
    • Adequately funding early childhood education is quite simply one of the best ways to invest in our children, families, communities, and nation's long-term prosperity.

Here are some ways to get involved to increase funding for early childhood education:

  • Advocate for policy change
    • Contact your elected representatives at the local, state, and federal levels to voice support for increased funding for pre-K, child care subsidies, and early intervention programs. Attend town halls and lobby days to make your voice heard.
  • Vote for candidates who prioritize early ed funding
    • In every election, research where candidates stand on this issue and elect those who have robust plans to expand access to quality, affordable early learning opportunities.
  • Support early ed ballot initiatives
    • Many states and localities have ballot measures related to funding for preschool, child care, etc. Learn about these and vote yes if they would allocate more resources.
  • Raise awareness in your community.
    • Write op-eds for local papers, speak at community meetings, share facts on social media, and start conversations about the proven benefits of investing in early childhood education.
  • Volunteer or work at an early learning center
    • Get firsthand experience in the field to better understand the challenges and costs associated with providing high-quality care and instruction.
  • Donate to nonprofits focused on early ed access
    • Organizations like Pre-K for PA, Save the Children, and Start Early provide resources, advocate for funding, and help fill gaps.
  • Support increasing compensation for early educators
    •  Low pay undermines quality. Advocate for policy solutions like wage supplements, tax credits, and affordable higher education opportunities.
  • Participate in your school district's budget process
    •  Attend meetings and rallies to ensure early learning remains a funding priority year after year.

The more voices speaking up, the harder it becomes for policymakers to ignore this vital investment in our youngest learners.

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