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Portfolios in Child Care

Childcare providers are tasked with multiple responsibilities each day. In the midst of daily routine care providers also need to consider lesson planning, skill development, assessment, observation, and portfolio building. In order to tackle this long list of responsibilities, providers need detailed schedules and clear plans of action. Portfolio building in particular can be challenging for those who do not have prior experience with their creation and maintenance. When done correctly, portfolios can be an excellent tool to track child development, guide lesson planning, and facilitate parent conferences. H&H Child Care Training Center knows the importance of portfolios in the early childhood education setting and has created several training courses geared towards helping educators with their creation.

Preschool Assessments & Observations and CDA: A Closer Look at Assessments are both training courses that look into the development of portfolios, the benefits of their creation, and how to use portfolios to support your teaching.

Log on to https://www.childcareed.com and view all of our online courses. H&H adds new trainings each week that covers all competency areas for child care providers. 

H&H Child Care Training Center is your complete resource center for trainings, educational resources, professional certifications, and more.

H&H has been providing training since 1999 and has trained over half a million training hours and over 20,000 childcare providers. To meet the needs of all our clients H&H offers online trainings available in 52 different languages. Our team of instructors, administrators, and support personnel are here to assist participants in all areas of training.

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