Creating Treasure from Trash - post

Creating Treasure from Trash

Educators can use everyday items to create an environment that supports young children’s imagination, problem-solving skills, and exploration.

To become a whiz at repurposing, you need to be creative, resourceful, and innovative. The key question to ask yourself is: 

“What can I make out of this?”

Take a look at the items below and consider:

  • What fine motor skills might each item stimulate?
  • How could children use problem-solving or math skills with these items? 
  • How could these items spark creativity? 

It is not always necessary to purchase expensive items to support children’s growth and development. All it takes is an educator who is committed to delivering high-quality care and can think outside the box!

image in article Creating Treasure from Trashimage in article Creating Treasure from Trashimage in article Creating Treasure from Trash

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