Teacher - Lead teacher PreK

Lead teacher PreK

Job Position
Job Description
- Create, manage, and participate in a variety of learning environments and activities that provide opportunities for students to develop to their full potential and achieve their learning goals.
- Create and deliver lesson plans, implement creative curriculum, and assess students' developmental needs through assessments and observations.
- Maintain a healthy and safe environment for babies and young children.
- Communicate positively with students, parents, and staff.
- Participate collaboratively and professionally with other teachers and staff to promote the general welfare of the school and the collective / individual interest of its staff and students.

- Crear, administrar y participar en una variedad de entornos y actividades de aprendizaje que brinden oportunidades para que los estudiantes se desarrollen a su máximo potencial y logren sus metas de aprendizaje.
- Crear planes de lecciones, implementar un plan de estudios creativo y evalúe las necesidades de desarrollo de los estudiantes a través de evaluaciones y observaciones. (Solo lead teacher)
- Mantener un ambiente saludable y seguro para bebés y niños pequeños.
- Comunicarse de manera positiva con los estudiantes, los padres y el personal.
- Participar de manera colaborativa y profesional con otros maestros y personal para promover el bienestar general de la escuela y el interés colectivo/individual de su personal y estudiantes.
Employment Type

Required Skills, Education, and Experience

Spanish 80% - English 20%

Preferred Skills, Education, and Experience

90 Hrs CDA or a mix of classes of 45 Hrs for preschoolers.


Compensation Type: hourly
Minimum: $16
Maximum: $20

How to apply

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