45 Hour Child Growth and Development IN Germantown MD - 07/24/2016 - #1326

45 Hour Child Growth and Development - $399

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Course description:

Course Description:
This certification course satisfies the child development half of the MSDE requirement of 90 hours for child care teachers and directors. The course allows teachers to gain a broad overview of major concepts, theories, and research related to the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development of the child from birth through age 12. This course and a 45-hour course in the age-appropriate curriculum (preschool, infant-toddler, or school-age) are required to complete the 90-hour certification for child care. Students must attend all classes and successfully complete all course requirements to receive a certificate. Aligns with MD Staff Credential levels 2-4.

This course has been approved by MSDE Early Childhood Division approval number PSO-30299. Subject Area 45 CD

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of this course the student will be able to:
Explain the theoretical foundations of early childhood education, and activities that will promote the skills being discussed,
Demonstrate understanding of how they grow and learn and build the bridge between theory and practice,
Demonstrate understanding of how child development theory influences classroom management and implementing an effective program,
Demonstrate understanding of the different stages of development,
Explain how to advocate for children in childcare,
Understand what a expect of the children in your care and respecting their innate drive to learn and develop,
Plan an age-appropriate program allows children to learn at their optimum rate,
Assess a safe, inclusive environment for children with all abilities, and demonstrate understanding of the process of evaluating a child when there is a concern about a child’s development, and
Plan a child-centered and DAP (Developmentally Appropriate Practice) by NAEYC standards, Maryland Child Care Credential Program, and CCA (Child Care Administration) regulations.

Format: 33 hours of Zoom/12 hours of online

Requirements and Expectations of students:
100% Completion of Online Sessions: All online sessions should be completed according to the syllabus. students must have completed the online sessions by the last day of class in order to receive credit toward their final grade. ( Total of 9 hours online)

100% Participation: Each participant is expected to contribute to class discussions in an active and professional manner, supporting the participation of other class members. Your contributions are to be based on an informed and professional position.

100% Attendance: State requirements, specify that students must complete 45 hours of training. This is an interactive class, attendance is not only important but vital. An excused absence must be approved by the instructor. Certain family emergencies may qualify for an excused absence. Missed classes may affect your final grade and will prohibit you from receiving your certificate.

There is a minimum enrollment of 5 students in order for this course to proceed. All classes are non-refundable.

An E-text book can be purchased to be used as a resource but is NOT required. Please click on this URL:


Session Info:
Location Start End
74 - H&H Germantown (Kids Villa) Room 203AJul/24/2016 04:00 amAug/07/2016 04:00 am
$399 non-refundable
H&H Germantown (Kids Villa) Room 203A
19900 Brandermill Dr. (near Intersection of Rt 355 and Middlebrook), Germantown, MD 20876
Start date:
End date:
July: 24, 30, 31 Aug: 6, 7
Time: 9am-6pm
Location: Iman Learning Center
19900 Brandermill Dr, Germantown MD
Cost: $375 plus $25 registration fee. If you are registering for this course as part of your 90 Hours, please contact the office to receive a discounted price. When taken in conjunction with the 45 Hour Infant/Toddler; 45 Hour Pre-School; or 45 Hour School-Age courses, the cost for this course is discounted to $175. You must register and pay (either in full or $150 deposit) for BOTH parts of the 90 hours at the same time in order to receive the discounted price.
12/12 spots

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