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Supervising staff in Childcare

image in article Supervising staff in ChildcareAdministrations in childcare settings are responsible for ensuring that all staff are meeting expectations and providing high-quality care to the children in the facility. In order to accomplish this, administrators must make time to observe, supervise, and provide feedback in a timely manner. Understanding what to look for while supervising will ensure administrators are using their time wisely. 

 Administrators need to observe staff in their work with children and families so they can determine areas they may need support. Through observations, administrators are able to provide specific feedback related to aspects of the staff's teaching practices. Observations should take place serval times throughout the week. It can be helpful to videotape observations and play the recordings back to the staff member during the reflection and feedback phase. As administrators discuss the observation they are able to point out specific actions to the staff as they view the recording. This allows for a clear understanding of what went well during the observation and what needed some improvement.

​Observation of the environment involves noticing how the physical arrangement of the space supports or hinders the staff's goals and objectives. The administrator also takes note of the people and materials in the environment that may have an impact. The administrator observes across environments to examine the consistency of practice by the staff.

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