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Infant Daycare Part 1: Training and Certification

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Working in the early childhood field requires lots of patience and a love for the field.  Working with infants is no exception, as these little ones require a lot more attention and care than older children in a childcare program.  Newborns especially are one of the most precious members of a childcare program and require extra love and care, as do their parents.  For many parents, sending their infant to daycare for the first time is both nerve-wracking and stressful.  Teachers can alleviate some of this stress by informing parents of their training and certifications.  Knowing that their child’s teacher has gone through not only the state-required trainings, but also has extra knowledge by obtaining certification in this field reduces the anxiety many new parents experience.    

We here at H&H Childcare Training (ChildCareEd) are here to help infant daycare teachers with their required training and certification at their convenience.  Our self-paced trainings are accredited through the International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training or IACET for short and can increase your marketability in the field.  Teachers can take infant daycare trainings from various topics such brain development to lesson planning, or even get their CDA credentials for Infants and Toddlers.  Click on our website to view all our Infant daycare training and certifications and schedule your first class today!



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