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Building Georgia’s Intentional Interactions in Early Childhood

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Georgia early childhood teachers, “research shows that who you are, and how and what you say and do as you engage with children, makes a difference in what they learn about them- selves, others, and the world. This means that every one of your interactions hold the potential to make a positive impact on how children feel about themselves and about learning, as well as on what and how they learn” (Dombro. A.L., Jablon, J. & Stetson, C., 2011).

Preschool educators are charged with building the foundation for our future. How teachers interact with children determines what the child learns and how they interact with others. However, research is showing that interactions in which teachers are intentionally promoting learning is not occurring as frequently as it needs to be (Dombro. A.L., Jablon, J. & Stetson, C., 2011).

 Not only are intentional interactions valuable teachable moments for children, the environmental rating scales are also looking for the types of interactions teachers have with the children during the QR observation.  With the current trends in early childhood development and research, teachers mustn’t forget about our tiniest learners, infants and toddlers! During the first year of life a baby’s brain is busy creating millions of neural connections that they will use in their lifetime! What better way to help the children in your program acquire the language skills they will need than to talk with them! Here is a good article to share with both your ITERS teachers as well as with your parents on the importance of language and intentional interactions with young children.

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Dombro. A.L., Jablon, J. & Stetson, C., (2011). Powerful Interactions: How to Connect with Children to Extend Their Learning, Second Edition

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