Shifting Gears to Positive Discipline (in-person training)

Shifting Gears to Positive Discipline - $21 (V I P pricing $19)

This 2 hr training course helps teachers find positive ways to deal with children's negative behaviors on the classroom. The training introduces the idea that shifting gears to positive discipline is a bumpy yet worthwhile journey and encourages teachers to individualize their responses to children.

Core of Knowledge Content Area: 2 Hours Child Development

This course has been approved by MSDE Early Childhood Division approval number CKO-380.

There is a minimum enrollment of 8 students in order for this class to proceed.

Course cost is $16 plus $5 registration. Discounted price for VIP $14 plus $5 registration.

Travel fee for onsite training at your location is $50. This fee is waived for VIP members

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Hours breakdown

2 CD

Topics / Categories

Child development

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