A Taste of Words (self-paced online training)

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A Taste of Words - $21 (V I P pricing $19)

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Course Description:

this training is designed to help teachers build the language development of toddlers ages 12 months to 2 years. Teachers will develop strategies for increasing communication by building vocabulary in a variety of learning exercises.

Language is one of the most important tools young children wield in communicating their needs and building social relationships with the people around them. Language also plays an instrumental part in building the foundation behind reading and writing skills. In this online child care training, participants will explore the various stages of language development in young children and strategies for encouraging children to express language in the classroom.

Objectives / Learning Outcomes:
By the end of this training, the learner will be able to:
  1. Explain the importance of helping children develop language.
  2. Identify the different characteristics of each stage of language development.
  3. Describe the differences between receptive and expressive language in young children.
  4. Identify ways to expose children to a variety of words.
  5. Identify strategies to guide children on how to use words to express themselves.
Learning Methodology: Online material will be presented in the form of slides, accompanied with speech. Videos will be used to demonstrate ideas and concepts. Charts and tables will be used for illustration.

Prerequisites: No prerequisites are required for the completion of this course.

Proprietary or conflict of interest disclosure: Unless otherwise stated in the course description none of H & H subject matter experts and editor has any conflict or proprietary interests related to the material they prepared in this course.

Logistics/Required Technology: A stable internet connection is required for the completion of this course. Users are highly encouraged to take their online course on Google Chrome on either a laptop or desktop computer. Speakers and/or headphones are also required to hear speech.

Learning Assessment Method: Learners will be assessed through questions after every section is completed. Learners will not be allowed to proceed to the next section of the training until all questions have been answered correctly. Learners will be presented with a final test composed of true/false and multiple choice questions. Upon successful completion of the training, learners will receive their certificate by email.

Criteria to earn CEUs:
Certificates are awarded when the following criteria have been met by the learner:
  1. Class has been paid in full
  2. All material has been reviewed
  3. All review questions and final test have been completed with a passing score of 80% or higher.
Support Services:
Please visit our contact us page
Payment Policy:
Payments need to be made in full. No refunds will be issued after starting the class.
Please read carefully:

You are purchasing a session of an online training that includes online assessments. Your certificate will be emailed to you once you pass the final exam with a passing grade of 80%.

Your certificate will bear the name you provided to us when you signed up. For support and questions regarding the material presented in this class please contact us at onlineservices@childcareed.com. Please consult our frequently asked questions page for other questions or feel free to contact us.

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