The Balancing Act for Administrators: Managing Responsibilities IN ZOOM Classroom - 01/22/2024 - #4164

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The Balancing Act for Administrators: Managing Responsibilities - $20

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Course description:

This training reviews the roles and responsibilities of administrators in early childcare. It discusses the responsibilities they are required to do to ensure children are receiving high quality, developmentally appropriate instruction and how to effectively evaluate and provide feedback to staff members. Finally, it teaches time management strategies for administrators to ensure they are not sitting behind a desk all day but instead, managing their responsibilities while ensuring there is ample time for interactions with staff, families, and children.

Primary Teacher:
Colleen Hinson
Secondary Teacher:
Laura Beni

Session Info:
Location Start End
140 - Zoom 3Jan/22/2024 07:00 pm ESTJan/22/2024 08:30 pm EST
$20 non-refundable
Zoom 3
Online Zoom, ZOOM Classroom,
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Time: 7:00 - 8:30 PM EST

Students are asked to be present with their cameras on and have audio accessible.
Mics will stay on mute unless prompted to speak.
An electronic device with Google Chrome installed, preferably a laptop or desk computer
Working camera, microphone, and speakers

If you have any technical difficulties, support is available 30 minutes before class starts time and 15 minutes after class starts. You may text or call (301)237-1414.

Please note that a minimum of 5 students are required for the class to proceed. Additional options are given to students when class enrollment is not met.
No refunds are given for missed classes
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