H&H VIP Program

New VIP enrollments are currently suspended

Dear loyal customer, H&H has offered its VIP program for years to our customers sharing with them great benefits listed below. In preparation for transitioning to a new subscription program, we are currently suspending new enrollments in the older VIP program.

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Thank you
H&H Team

Benefits to being a VIP member of H&H Child Care Training Center

As a VIP member you will get up to date information about new trainings and child care events. The best part is your membership fee covers itself with free benefits that can offer up to $200 in savings per year.

VIP members get the following benefits for FREE:
  1. A 2hr online training added to their account EACH YEAR
  2. Special Discounted rates
  3. A history report of all trainings taken with H&H
  4. Reprints of lost or damaged certificates during membership & after Nov 2016
  5. Priority registration
  6. Expedited services
  7. No travel fee for on site trainings

Discounts cannot be applied to previously taken classes. Membership fees are non refundable and will renew on your anniversary unless you discontinue the VIP membership from your paypal account. Memberships cannot be prorated and have no cash value. H&H reserves the right to terminate membership if deemed being used inappropriately.

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