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According to Active Health (2020), the immune systema in young children aren't fully developed until they are 5- to 7-years old. Until then, many young children, especially infants and toddlers, are vulnerable to germs and contagions that are found on surfaces and in the air. Illness, while easily identifiable by certain symptoms, can fly under the radar when uncommon symtoms manifest in young children.


What are the signs of fever?

How can I help my child in the classroom when they're sick?

What skills do I need to learn to combat this?


Every early childhood educator asks themselves these questions when working with children, for their role in the classroom isn't solely that of a teacher. They are required to look out for signs of illness and other sicknesses not only for the child's safety, but also the safety of others in the classroom.


Here at H&H Child Care Training Center, we offer a variety of courses in children's health as well as medical courses that equip teachers to handle sudden medical emergencies in the classroom. Some of these courses include...

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**Offered as a blended course


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