Let's Talk: Skills for Effective Communication IN Darnestown MD - 02/14/2020 - #2383

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Let's Talk: Skills for Effective Communication - $35

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Course description:

This 3-hour training is designed to develop and strengthen communication skills in child care professionals working in the field of child care. Those skills can be used to communicate with parents, co-workers, and the public. Key strategies and techniques will be introduced to help strengthen providers' ability to communicate and listen.

The core of Knowledge Content Area: 3 Hours Professionalism

This course has been approved by MSDE Early Childhood Division approval number CKO-380.

There is a minimum enrollment of 10 students in order for this class to proceed.

Primary Teacher:
Hwaida Hassanein

Session Info: No Sessions yet, check back soon.
$35 non-refundable
Seneca Academy
15601 Germantown Rd , Darnestown, MD 20874
Start date:
End date:
Time: 8:45 am -11:45 pm.
Class is Non Refundable.
Minimum of 10 participants for class to proceed.
13/20 spots

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