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The Director's Portal

To all the directors of daycares and homecares:


Professional development is a must for your teachers, to have them grow and develop into more well-rounded instructors as they care for their students. Some are absolutely essential, such as the teaching methods and material courses of different ages, and others encourage creativity in the classroom and foster better parent-teacher relationships.


However, sometimes it is difficult to keep up with which teacher needs to take what. The solution? Introducing the Director's Portal!

(It's not as scary as it sounds.)


Assigning classes to your teachers and staff is as easy as 1-2-3.

When you purchase hours at our very affordable flat rate, you will be able to assign classes to your teachers and staff.

To first access the portal, please do the following steps:

1. Access H&H Child Care Training Center website, and log in.

2. A series of buttons should pop on the home page. Click the yellow button named "Director's Portal."

3. At about the center of the page, you will see a blue button named "Add Online Registration"

4. When you click on the "Add online registration" button, a dialog box will pop up and you will be able to choose classes and assign them to your teachers:

5. And voila! You've successfully registered your teachers for classes!*


*Please note that this not include ALL of the courses offered here at H&H Child Care Training Center. Certain restrictions apply.