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H&H Child Care Training provides pre service and continued eductation for child care professionals. We offer online continued education text (exculding media) in multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Farsi and others. Online classes are suitable for viewing on computers as well as mobile devices like iPad, Android tablets and most smart phones. Class payments are non-refundable.

H&H is approved to offer many of the Child Care Licensing required training's such as:

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SUMMER FUN IS ALSO CHILD DEVELOPMENT!!! After reading about the activities below, it sounds like it would be fun to set up an obstacle course incorporating the suggestions below. This would be a great morning activity to burn off some energy before the afternoon warms up.          Children in child care and pre-school learning environments benefit from early care and education providers encouraging activities that are developmentally age appropriate. The curricular objectives for Physical Education and Development included in the Maryland Model for School Readiness (MMSR) standards may act as guidelines for assessing children'sperformance. The physical developm...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 07/28/2014

Be a day care provider in your own home!

                   Do you want to start a new career as a day care provider in your own home? Earn your certification at H&H Child Care Training Center.     If you have small children of your own and want the opportunity to be home with them, this is a way to make it happen! Give this some thought and let me know if you have any interest. Ask yourself the following questions: Do I enjoy working with children? Am I knowledgeable about child development or willing to take classes about child development? Would I like to be able to set my own hours and/or wages? Am I interested in running a competitive business in ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 07/22/2014

EXCELS Training, It doesn't get any better than FREE

Confused about Maryland EXCELS?  Wondering what it means and why you should be involved? Worried that you will lose your Child Care Subsidy payments by January 1st, 2015? Perhaps you want to register but need help with the application process? Attend a FREE 2 hours Training on July  30th 6:45-8:45 to learn more and Register for EXCELS that night! The best part is that this training also counts towards 2 hours of Professionalism.  Maryland EXCELS (EXcellence Counts in Early Learning and School-age Child Care) is a voluntary Tiered Quality Rating and Improvement System that recognizes the accomplishments of early childhood and "school-age only" programs and providers throug...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 07/13/2014

Medication Administration Training for Child Care Providers

Do you need  Medication Adminstration training? The Child Care Licensing Unit has shared a new Medication Administration online learning module available for early education and child care providers from Healthy Child Care of America, a program of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Don't get a non-compliance from your licensing specialist, this is the time to prepare yourself and staff for the upcoming school year on required training's. Take a moment to review the following licensing regulations and make sure you are up to date on qualified staff with Medication Administration Training, First Aid and CPR, and Emergency Preparedness! If not don't worry we have training avai...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 07/13/2014


Don't get left behind in your child care subsidy payments!! January 1, 2015, all centers and home daycare providers will not be eligible for subsidy if they are NOT registered in Excels.  H&H has formed a partnership with MSDE and EXCELS in a Free Training to learn about EXCELS and get registered on the same NIGHT!! This training also counts for 2 Hours of Professionalism.  Information found on the MSDE website: Maryland EXCELS (EXcellence Counts in EarlyLearning and School-age Child Care) is a voluntaryTiered Quality Rating and Improvement System that recognizes the accomplishments of early childhood and "school-age only" programs and providers through ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 05/13/2014

How to Open a Home Day Care in Montgomery County MD

1.  Contact the OCC Regional Licensing Office in Your Area Call the OCC Regional Licensing Office responsible for your area to let them know that you are interested in applying to become a registered family child care provider. That office will be responsible for processing your application, issuing your certificate of registration, inspecting your program to make sure it meets regulatory requirements, and providing you with technical assistance.   2.  Attend Family Child Care Orientation Sessions You must attend and complete two orientation sessions that will be scheduled for you by theRegional Licensing Office that covers the area where...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 05/09/2014

Importance of Routine in Child Care

Having a set routine is important for children to have in the child care setting. H&H offers many unique trainings to help plan for daily routines and activities which are available for online or inclass trainings. Included below please find information from the Maryland State Department of Education Licensing Branch this very interesting Resource Document: Importance of Daily Routine for Child Care  A set routine is used by children and providers as part of their internal clocks.  It is used as way of keeping time.  It helps them to be assured of what will happen next.  Everyone moves through the day more smoothly when they know what to expect next. They ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 01/14/2014

Reading and Talking About Feelings With Preschoolers

The preschoolers in our classroom bring their questions, thoughts, and worries to class with them. To help the children cope with their feelings about sensitive issues—we call them tender topics—the teachers carefully choose books to read and discuss. You can do this with your child at home. Find the “right” book. Ask a teacher or a children’s librarian to recommend a picture book to fit the situation. There are books about everyday challenges such as eating and getting along with siblings. And, there are books about tender topics such as moving to a new home, divorce, illness, and military deployment.  Read an...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 08/08/2013

Summer Safety Tips

As the days get warmer and longer, help children stay safe by following these simple tips. Obtain written permission from parents or guardians to administer medicine, lotions, or sprays. Prepare and take a first aid kit wherever you go. Always include medication children need and emergency contact information. Regularly replenish Band-Aids and other materials for cuts and scrapes.  Schedule outdoor play time to avoid the sun’s peak hours, which are generally between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Make sure children have access to shade and plenty of drinking water when outside. Use broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30. Appl...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 06/26/2013

Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation

    WHAT CAN YOU DO TO PREVENT BULLYING AND IT’S HEALTH RISKS? 1. Be aware about bullying and its serious ill effects and explain them to your children.2. Share this information with other parents, friends, and neighbors.3. Be encouraged and supported to continue your efforts to nurture a home environment that promotes mutual respect, understanding and support of each other, while it disapproves use of physical or verbal aggression, threats to safety, being made fun of, called derogatory names or being ignored, unwelcomed, or left out.4. Advocate for the development in your child’s school of a program which has been proven by previous research to be e...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 06/03/2013