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H&H Child Care Training provides pre service and continued eductation for child care professionals. We offer online continued education text (exculding media) in multiple languages including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Farsi and others. Online classes are suitable for viewing on computers as well as mobile devices like iPad, Android tablets and most smart phones. Class payments are non-refundable.

H&H is approved to offer many of the Child Care Licensing required training's such as:

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MSDE: Child Care Providers- H & H Child Care Training Center Is Here for You!

                                    Child Care Providers  Research has shown that the first years of a child’s life are crucial in laying the foundation for the child’s health, learning and development. These early years represent a unique opportunity to influence children toward success and happiness in school and in the rest of their lives. Other research has told us that a child’s family is the most important variable in preparing the child to be ready for school. But you - as a child care provider - are also right there in terms of your influence on a child. This is partic...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 04/29/2016

Does Your Program Qualify for Child Care Food Program

The Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP) provides cash reimbursement to eligible child care centers and family child care homes to supplement the cost of nutritious meals. The program is funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and is administered by Maryland State Department of Education’s (MSDE) School and Community Nutrition Programs Branch and various Maryland sponsoring organizations. Child Care Centers receive an average of $23,407 per year in cash reimbursements! A Family Child Care Home Provider caring for 6 children could receive up to $6,630 per year. By participating in CACFP you will be able to buy more nutritious food and teach children healthy eating h...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 04/08/2016

45 Hour Pre-School and Child Growth and Development Training to be a Preschool Teacher in a Daycare

Maryland Office of Child Care regulations that teachers in a Pre-School Setting must be qualified. Below is an outline of what requirements are needed to meet state regulations for child care and preschools. H&H is here to support you through the process and get you trained in what you need!   Child Care Teachers in Preschool Centers. A. To qualify as a child care teacher in a preschool center, an individual shall be 19 years old or older, and meet one of the following criteria: (1) The individual holds or has successfully completed: (a) A high school diploma, a certificate of high school equivalence, or courses for credit from an accredited college or university; (b) 6 semeste...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 11/18/2015

How to Open a Child Care Center or Pre-school in Maryland

Easy steps to opening your own child care center. H&H Child Care Training offers all the needed trainings required by the Office of Child Care Licensing. H&H professional consultants are available for on-site visits and support.  What you need to do to start a daycare center in Maryland.  1. Contact Your OCC Regional Licensing Office Call the Regional Licensing Office responsible for your area to let them know that you are interested in applying for a child care facility license or letter of compliance. That Regional Office will be responsible for processing your application, inspecting your facility to make sure it meets regulatory requirements, issuing your license or ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 11/18/2015

Child Care Centers and Providers Emergency Preparedness Training

NOTICE to Child Care Facility Operators and Family Child Care Providers: REMINDER TO HAVE AN EMERGENCY PLAN IN PLACE!!     In light of the recent incident in Paris it is more imporatant than ever to make sure that Providers and Centers are ready for any type of emergency.  Maryland law requires all child care facilities and family child care providers to have a written emergency preparedness plan. The plan must cover emergency situations that require evacuation, sheltering in place, or other protection of children, such as in the event of fire, natural disasters, or other threatening situations that may pose a health or safety hazard to all children in care,...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 11/18/2015

Free Developmental Screening Overview Training Until End of December 2015!

Don't miss your chance to get 4 Hours of Online Training for FREE!     Free Developmental Screening and online training Tools Now Available An anticipated regulation that requires all licensed early care and education programs (child care centers and family child care home providers) to conduct developmental screening on children, birth through five years old may take effect in July of 2016. A child’s development can be measured by how a child learns, speaks, moves, behaves, and relates. Skills such as smiling, waving, and talking are developmental milestones. Results from developmental screenings indicate which children would benefit from a full evaluation and assessment. ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 11/18/2015

How Does the Americans with Disability Act ( ADA) apply to child care centers

COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT CHILD CARE CENTERS AND THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT 1. Q: Does the Americans with Disabilities Act -- or "ADA" -- apply to child care centers? A: Yes. Privately-run child care centers -- like other public accommodations such as private schools, recreation centers, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, and banks -- must comply with title III of the ADA. Child care services provided by government agencies, such as Head Start, summer programs, and extended school day programs, must comply with title II of the ADA. Both titles apply to a child care center's interactions with the children, parents, guardians, and potential customers that it serves. ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 11/17/2015

Breastfeeding in the Child Care Center....Why is it so important!

Research has shown that breastfeeding is an important health and medical decision. As providers in the child care setting we want to encourage mothers to nurse while being sensitive to those who choose not to. Certain regulations and laws have been put into place that help ensure that breastfeeding is supported in the child care setting.   Maryland Child Care Licensing and Regulations require that child care facilities encourage and support breastfeeding as well as have a designated place set aside for breastfeeding mothers who want to come during work to breastfeed. Ways childcare providers can create a welcoming and inviting environment: Create a comfortable and designated place f...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 11/17/2015

Why take 45 & 90 Hour Infant & Toddler, Preschool and School Age Methods and Materials at H&H Child Care Training Center?

Cost: We're more affordable than taking the courses at a local college. The cost of the 45 hour course is $400. If you are registering for the Growth and Development, when taken in conjunction with the 45 Hour Infant/Toddler; 45 Hour Pre-School; or 45 Hour School-Age courses, the cost for this course is discounted to $175,  which lowers the cost of 90 hours to a total of $575. Flexability: Classes are held on Saturday's for those of you who are currently working during the week. These classes are held in Germantown, MD. We also fit your schedule. If your staff meets the minimum requirement to form a class our instructors will train weekdays and/or evenings. Conveni...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 06/04/2015

Family Child Care providers required to take the 6 Hour Medication Administration training by January 2016

NOTICE: Did you know starting January 2016 Family Child Care providers will be required to take the 6 Hour Medication Administration training. Now, not only Daycare Centers but Family Child Care providers will be educated in administering the medications our children sometimes need on a daily basis. Why wait to provide the safest care. This is a one time training, once you receive your training you are certified for life! Visit our web site to check our schedule. www.ChildCareEd.com and click on "Upcoming Classes". ...Continue Reading >>>
By: Hwaida Hassanein , on 05/12/2015